What should I expect when I bring my child for Occupational Therapy?

At Achieve Occupational Therapy we strive to provide an individualised and holistic approach to therapy.

Our Occupational Therapy process involves the following steps:

1. Initial Assessment - this will vary depending on the needs of the child and may be carried out over a few sessions.
2. Goal Setting - following the initial assessment treatment goals are set with the client and parents.
3. Therapy Programme - A programme of therapy is planned to meet the individual needs of your child. This will be carried out in the clinic but may also include home programs and school visits depending on the individual needs of the child.
4. Ongoing Review - Ongoing review of goals is an essential part of the treatment process.
5. Discharge - When the clients goals have been achieved they will be discharged from therapy. Frequently children may be discharged from treatment as they have meet their goals and then may return for therapy at a later date.

How long do therapy sessions last?
Most sessions last 50 minutes. This may vary depending on the individual needs of the child.
How often will my child need to go to therapy?
Every child's treatment program is individualised. Following the initial assessment your therapist will recommend if therapy will be weekly, fortnightly or once a month. This may change during the treatment process depending on your child's goals and progress.